A BTech student, Nishank Rathor, was found dead on railway tracks. According to the report filed by police, he died after his body got chopped off because of a running train. Police have reported it as a suicide, however, the father of the student claims that he has received a threat message.

The father of the deceased received a text saying, ‘Guztakh-e-Nabi ki Ek hi Saja, Sar Tan se Juda‘. This is the same slogan which was chanted by the killers of a tailor in Udaipur who beheaded the tailor in broad daylight and shot a video of the crime. Police is now investigating who texted the father. The message was sent from the phone of the student.

Police are performing forensic analysis on the phone. The father of the student has maintained that his son could not have committed suicide. Screenshots of chat between the father and unidentified person is viral on social media. The texts read “rathor sahab bhut bahadur tha apka beta” which can be roughly translated into “Rathore sir, your son was very brave”

According to the police, the student was 20 years old and a native of Seoni-Malwa. According to a police report, he had left rented accommodation around 3:45 PM to meet his sister, however, he never returned. Late in the evening, his father and some of his friends received the threatening message after which a search for him started, and a missing person FIR was filed.