Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the ‘King Of Bollywood’ has been at the forefront of the Indian Movies and Entertainment industry for over 3 decades. The actor started off by playing small time roles in TV serials before he ventured into movies with his first film being Deewana, a runaway hit. While Deewana was his first theatrical release, the first film he apparently shot for was Dil Ashna Hai, where he played more of an extended cameo. SRK made it big right in his second year with blockbusters movies like Baazigar and Darr, after which there was no stopping the actor.


In his journey of 30 years in Bollywood, the actor broke many box office records apart from wooing audiences with his superlative performances:


1. Shah Rukh Khan has the most number of ‘Bumper’ box office openers since the 1990s with as many as 16 of them in his 62 films. Securing a bumper opener is the hallmark of a superstar. To put things into perspective, the last bumper opener from Bollywood came back in 2019 with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff led War.

2. Shah Rukh Khan has the highest number of ‘Highest Grosser of the Year’ on a world-wide basis in India with as many as 9 of them under his belt. Salman Khan follows suit.

3. Shah Rukh Khan has the most number of consecutively successful films since the 1990s with as many as 12 films securing a verdict of success and above, consecutively. 

4. Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor since the 1990s to give 10 back to back hits in a row with no non-hit films between 2006 and 2014.

5. Shah Rukh Khan has the most number of overseas blockbusters in India. To put his overseas track record into perspective, he has churned more blockbusters than the rest of Bollywood.

6. Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor to give 5 back to back world wide ‘Highest Grosser Of The Year’ as his film always topped the highest grossers list from 2000 to 2004.

7. Shah Rukh Khan has given the most number of back to back 10 million dollar grossers overseas and he’s not done yet as the streak is still on. All his films from My Name Is Khan to Zero have crossed 10 million dollars from overseas. To put this feat into perspective, the last time a Bollywood film grossed higher than 10 million was in 2019 (War)

8. Shah Rukh Khan has etched his place as the highest grossing actor in a single year since the 1990s with his films selling more than 10 crore tickets in the year 1995, a record that still stands. If the ticket rates are adjusted to present rates and the taxation of tickets is taken into consideration,  the gross total can go as high as Rs. 3000 cr.

There are many more achievements of the actor that can be listed down, but that’s for another time. We congratulate the actor for his 30 glorious years in the entertainment industry.