n his claims, Siddesh Kamble, AKA Mahakal, a close associate of Santosh Jadhav, a shooter implicated in the shooting and murder of Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala, stated that the Bishnoi gang has planned to extort Karan to the tune of Rs. 5 cr. However, police officials have warned that Kamble’s claims have not been verified, and that there could be an element of bragging involved.


As per the reports, this claim came to light when Kamble who is in police custody was grilled by teams of Delhi Police’s Special Cell, Punjab Police and Mumbai Crime branch. In his statements before the investigating teams, Kamble also disclosed information about the Moosewala murder and named Jadhav and one Nagnath Suryavanshi as having been involved in the killing. Besides this, Kamble also provided information about future plans of the Bishnoi gang. As per Kamble’s statement, Vikram Brar, brother of Canada-based gangster Goldie Brar, had discussed these plans with him on Instagram and Signal apps.

Currently, the investigating agencies are still verifying Kamble’s claims, and have warned that this could be a publicity stunt to get bigger extortion amounts.